The Small Fries #9​849​

The Burger Bots #4455​​​​​​

Welcome to the official website of Warrensburg Robotics 2017/2018

This Year'​s Development

Future Development

​Our plan for the future is filled with hopes for advancement to regionals in our FRC. As we said ealier we want to be more digitalized and outreach to our community in hopes of more sponsors. ​​

Current Development

As we are a smaller team, we have managed to develop our team in a variety of ways to accomodate to all the competitions. We are pround to bring these announcements to you.

One major advance we have achieved is updating and publishing our website so that it works. We are very excited to have a working website that is usable and easy to navigate.

Our next advancement is that we are becoming active on social media to begin persuing sponsors and our audience. This is a great advancement as we are becoming more digital friendly. 

Another great feat we have achieved this year is updating software on all of our computers so that they are in working order so that we could achieve our goals to digitalize more.

This year The Small Fries advanced to state. This was exciting for us and we felt confident in our advances as a team.